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Female protesters Although most of the women who took part in the Freedom Trash Can event had previous experience in the civil rights or anti-Vietnam War movements, none had ever demonstrated for women's rights before. "We were young radicals, just discovering feminism because we were tired of making coffee but not policy," says Ms Morgan. They had also realised that this was a fight they needed to take on themselves. "We already knew that the male right was not our friend," she says. "We thought the male left were our brothers [but] discovered that was not really the case when we talked about our own rights." None of the women could have imagined that their protest would still have resonance, 50 years on. For me, the Miss America experience was extremely beneficial Judith Nash nee Ford, Miss America winner in 1968 "Some feminist historians mark [it] as the real beginning of the current wave of feminism," says Ms Morgan. "[But] while flattering and quite lovely to hear, [it] is not true. There were already groups like the National Organisation for Women in existence." But what stuck in the public consciousness about the protest was the image of the "bra-burning feminist" - something that paradoxically never actually happened. Some women did throw underwear, including bras, into the Freedom Trash Can "They never burned them," says Ms Morgan.

Nicole Mehringer have been charged in connection with an alcohol-related incident in April in Glendale. (KTLA) A Los Angeles police commander and a sergeant have been charged in connection with an alcohol-related incident in April in which Glendale police said they found the two intoxicated inside an unmarked police cruiser. The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office charged Cmdr. Nicole Mehringer with a single misdemeanor count of public intoxication and Sgt. James Kelly with one count of driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and one count of driving with a 0.08% blood-alcohol content. The commander and sergeant were “relieved of duty without pay since July 11, 2018, pending a disciplinary investigation,” LAPD Capt. Patricia Sandoval said. Prosecutors in the Aug. 31 criminal filings said Kelly, who was behind the wheel of the police Dodge Charger, had a blood-alcohol level that was 0.20% or more — more than twice the legal limit under California law.

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L.A. County launches tracking program to find people with dementia and others who wander

Traci Fox. One was a young, deaf man with autism who was found in a wash in Burbank, standing knee-deep in ice-cold water. “We would never have found him otherwise,” Fox said in an interview, noting that the helicopter the department deployed picked up the tracking signal almost immediately after taking off. Fox and others emphasized that technology is only one part of the equation, with training of law enforcement officers and better coordination among government agencies equally important. The L.A. Found initiative grew out of the disappearance of Nancy Paulikas, a computer engineer from Manhattan Beach who went missing after a visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in October 2016 and has still not been found. Hahn, elected in November 2016, went to visit Paulikas’ husband, Kirk Moody. “I began to understand what he and Nancy’s parents had been going through,” she said in an interview Wednesday. “They were every day calling the coroner. They every day were going to a new nursing home handing out flyers.

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